Ultimate Content Marketing Guide

30 November 2015 | Online Marketing

To get noticed on an increasingly crowded web, you need to get really creative. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd and grab people attention simply because the overload of information available is increasing attention blindness to online advertisements and ensuring mediocre content is quickly buried from sight.


Build your online audience faster by applying these content marketing tactics to create more useful and engaging content.

1. Reach Out To Other Bloggers To Spread Your Content

In the digital economy, it’s crucial that you are actively building your professional network. Reaching out to other influencial bloggers can help you create relationships and business synergies where everyone wins. This guide will help you do it right so you will get quicker responses and meaningful results from your efforts.

2. Use SEO Plugins To Surf The Web With Detailed Analyticscontent marketing

Get better insight into the content you read on the web with detailed analytics as you browse. This crowdsourced collection of SEO plugins from Blurbpoint can help you discover new link opportunities and get your content in a better position to rank on Google.

Another free plugin for Chrome is Social Analytics.

3. Develop Much Deeper Insight Into Your Audience

If you want to create content that connects with your audience and makes them want to buy from you or join your email list, you need to understand them better. This way you can continually create valuable content that speaks to their needs and desires.

4. Add “Click To Tweet” Snippets To Your Blog Posts

Click To Tweet is a free tool that allows you to take snippets of your best content and create a Tweetable quote in your blog posts that readers can instantly share on Twitter. They have a great WordPress plugin to make using it even easier for WordPress bloggers.

5. Promote Your New Content More Effectively

It’s not enough to create great content, you need to get it in front of your desired audience. Find out how to use more advanced content marketing tactics to promote their best content all over the web.

6. Learn to write contents like a pro

It’s time to start creating content. But not just any content. We’re talking relevant, creative, engaging content that actually gets your reader attention. You must also how to turn your idea into a finished piece of content.

7. Run a contest or a quiz.

Run a contest or quiz on your website. If it’s a contest you can use social media to get your audience involved. Maybe people could send in a picture of them using your product to enter. If you create a quiz you could make it about a slightly controversial topic. Write a blog post on your findings and opinion after the quiz is over.

8. Social Media

Link to the above content marketing ideas on social media. Post snippets of your content marketing ideas on Facebook, linkedIn and Twitter to drive traffic to them.

9. Infographics

Viewers, especially the youth take great interest in infographics. Therefore, at your next marketing task, you can make use of some amazing infographics that better highlight today’s important facts. Moreover, the infographics can be used to let people understand the benefits offered by your product/service.

conqueror.ae content marketing

10. Create compelling stories

The best content marketing campaigns focus on telling stories instead of blasting their audiences with sales messages. Stories make messages more memorable and give your content a heartbeat and a pulse. Storytellers have empathy for their audiences, hey understand that the more they know about the audience, they better their chances for clear communications.


Now that a majority of companies use content for marketing, brands need to think about ways of standing out from the crowd. Ultimately, the companies that know their customers well—those that use customer intelligence in their decisions—are better positioned to produce content pieces that are helpful to their target audience and that will drive sales and revenue.