Top SEO Company: The Importance of on page Blog Articles

08 July 2015 | Online Marketing

One of the most important things in an Internet marketing campaign is constantly updating your blog’s content. Regular updates on where your company is at, what the activities are for the month, and creating a pool of informative articles are important in nurturing your Google ranking position.

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In order for any top SEO company to produce a good Google ranking, they will need to produce content articles at the fundamental level. On-page articles are the type of articles that can be marketing-centric, is laden with subtle hints to buy your products or services and is made to commission only for your brand.

How important is an on-page article really? Well, it’s really important. But there are so many factors of it that are often overlooked by SEO people.

An on-page article, first and foremost, makes sure that your blog is alive.

When a blog is alive, or has an activity on it for at most once or twice a week, Google automatically recognizes the blog as active. Being active means higher chances of visibility. One article is equal to one ping to Google telling it you are still there, and you’re still kicking.

An on-page article increases the number of pages on your website.

Google is notorious in ranking every page on a website through the number of pages it has. The more number of pages a website has, the more chances of that website to rank on a certain keyword search; provided the SEO behind it knows how to unify the metatags into the keywords you are ranking.

The importance of having more pages on a website should not be overlooked; one link, any link whether it is authority or second class hyperlink, back linking to your content can up your ranking up to 50%. That alone is unprecedented. That is why creating content that engages audience and is shared by many is critical in making things work.

An on-page article increases the outgoing links that you link unto.

Parasitic linking is when you attach your content to a more credible content and leech some of that content’s authority to you. Parasitic linking, says SEO services in Dubai, is happening in almost every article published today. To become more effective, leech onto top authority sites on every category: news, sports, technology, or any niche-based sites that is incredibly successful.