The General Business Impact of the Social Media Trend in 2015

13 January 2015 | Online Marketing

Just last 2014, a study regarding Social Media was conducted at Duke University which showed how much companies these days would spend a portion of their revenues on Social Media. They’ve managed to reveal that what started from 9% has now reached to 25% of the company’s budget being allocated for it. That’s almost triple over the years that have gone by. But then again, an irony has been presented as majority of these companies cannot see the impact that they were promised with.

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To the untrained eye, they would easily assume that this is due to poor budgeting. However to those who know how social media strategies work – such a result makes total sense. It’s all due to the fact that strategies regarding such means get presented on a daily basis. Here is where companies spend to keep up with these upgrades that they cannot really measure the extent it has helped their company. They no longer have a basis because their focus is on the improvement and not the impact – Get it now?

Despite having such knowledge, this occurrence doesn’t change much for the year 2015. As a matter of fact, the pace in the changes that overtake social media is expected to accelerate more than it already is. However, it doesn’t entail that it is a bad thing for businesses because it’s the time for major social networks Facebook and Twitter to figure out ways to make their promotional platforms easier and more productive so that businesses could establish better relationships with their clients.

Moreover, these huge social networks are not the only ones that are looking for upgrades and business friendly interfaces. There are tools out there that are receiving patches and are emerging to make tracking impacts and changes incurred by social media easier to track – matching the cost and the effects as a whole.

As this is the case, 2015 will be a year of exactitude. It is the year for the presentation of exact information. The exact details of the impact everyone has been missing out on for these past few years will finally be available. And this time it will be here to stay and it will be inconsiderably honest. The impact of social media will now be embedded and presented to a degree that there will be no information that’s left hidden. The facts that everyone has been clamoring over for the past few years will now be shown and it will be so hard to ignore them.

With this kind of awareness on their social media standings, companies will be forced to act proactively. Social Media will no longer be a fogged target range because as facts are now available, goals and targets will now be permissible and plausible. The trend of the Social Media will no longer be a blind competition. It will now be as clear as it never was before and for that, businesses will have to ramp up their virtual arsenals because it will be a competitive year.
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