Social Media: How It Changes Customer Allegiance

13 June 2015 | Online Marketing

In recent years, the use of social media in brand promotion have blown into astronomical proportions. The trend is not surprising at all, as social media have the incredible power in making advertising and marketing happen. Facebook alone is a powerhouse as a marketing tool. A mere presence alone on that platform increases any brand’s chance in marketing both its products and services.

SEO marketing services

Social media is commonly a part of SEO marketing services. Any outsourcing firm know that in order for any SEO effort to fully become user-immersive, it needs social media in it. In fact, a couple of famous outsourcing firms have started rolling out social media services as a stand alone package for their customers.

One of the many positive things that social media do for any brand is it increases customer allegiance. There are many factors to which a customer’s loyalty becomes affected by social media, and in every step of the way, it is imperative for brands to keep tabs on what they do in order not to destroy the image the brand puts forward in public.

Social media increases brand recognition.

At the most organic level, customer allegiance is all about brand recognition. There is a difference between people seeing your brand and remembering it. User retention is one of the most crucial point in advertising. Getting a message across is different from impacting an audience. Any brand can promote, but not so many brands can impact their audience-base.

The more a brand is active on social media, the more people flock to it. Studies show that people search for brands on social media more than ever. Today, more and more people rely on social media to get updates. Facebook and Twitter is the new TV, and in the following years, it will be more powerful than broadcast media itself.

The more people recognize your brand, the more they become agreeable to your brand.

User conversion is especially difficult when the brand is relatively unheard of in the real life, but with social media, it puts into effort recognition and retention. The more people see you on social media, the more they attach to you. This is basically building a relationship with them through the use of the Internet. Great communication is key in making this happen, that is why according to an SEO company in Saudi Arabia, every brand needs to be wary of what they post on their social media accounts.

When customers see your brand as something that does not only care about sales and profits, and they connect with your corporate social responsibility and such, customer allegiance is achieved.