Smartphone Usage In The Middle East– Statistics And Trends

31 March 2014 | Online Marketing

Mobile phone usage is rising in the Middle East, and the region is expected to record for the second-biggest mobile phone population on the planet.

In spite of the way that Asia-Pacific has the biggest mobile phone populace today, at more than 2.43 billion, making the region the most crowded on the planet general. Yet the No. 2 district as far as the amount of mobile phone managers is the Middle East and Africa, where 525.8 million individuals of any age are relied upon to utilize a mobile phone at any rate month to month not long from now altogether more than in North America or Western Europe.

As stated by the most recent studies in the segment, something like 40 percent of smartphone managers in the Middle East and Africa utilize the keen characteristics within their gadgets and interface with the Internet to watch features, download applications and play games on the web, while the rest don’t have connections on their gadgets.

Smartphone use in the region will nearly double this year from last year, while penetration of smartphones among the population as a whole in MEA will increase from 5.1% to 8.3%. has come up with a fantastic Infographic on Smartphone usage in the Middle East revealing some fascinating stats and trends.

According to the report, Qatar has the highest percentage of smartphone penetration, at 75%, while UAE comes a close second, at 73%. Although smartphone sales & penetration has seen a rapid growth, it is still expected to increase by 39% in the Middle East by 2015.

When we break up the smartphone market share by platform, Android stands at 40% and iOS at 35%.

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