SEO: Why Is It Too Hard?

09 June 2015 | Online Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the new form of advertising. The Internet era ushered in a major paradigm shift in the way people live, communicate, consume, even act. Today, when you want your brand to go blow up into mass recognition, the standard TV, billboard and radio advertising won’t cut it anymore. The Internet is here, and its the most powerful marketing tool since broadcast TV.

Search Engine Optimization

The rise of SEO services brought with it the industry behind Internet marketing. An Internet campaign is wholly a new terrain to be traversed, and there is no outline or guide in order to get to the top. There are however, basic similarities in any SEO effort.

Let’s be blunt here. SEO is one of the most competitive industries out there. We are talking about people who have the ability to rank an obscure brand to search engine results page number 1 in a few months, or even days. SEO is gruelling work, with a process that’s too wide-spanning, even a single process needs a system to work with the bigger picture. Notwithstanding, when one of these mini-systems crash and fail, it will affect the whole process greatly.

So why exactly is SEO difficult to navigate? Here are some points to answers that question:

Nobody really knows how Google work.

SEO basically means ranking on Google. The world’s search engine is an enigma – it does not have a brain per se, but it knows how to identify good websites and penalize shitty ones.

Nobody knows how the search engine works – even the guys at Google are at odds of how the program behind it works in the minutiae. According to SEO company Egypt, be wary of people who claims they’re Internet marketing experts, because that’s entirely bollocks.

Another point of discussion about why Google is a mystery is the company’s penchant on updating its algorithms now and then. The main focus of Google right now is to enhance user experience, and sites with greater content value are put front and centre. On popular keyword searches, competition is stiff. For example, you can’t choose a keyword like “Apple” to rank anymore because it’s too congested.

The Internet is too much of a live being that nobody knows how to predict it.

Viral content, whether literary or videos, are short-lived. There was a time when this kind of marketing trick was used in order to rank a website. Not anymore. The trend today is syndication on social media flatforms.

On the other hand, Google famously said social media cues aren’t a factor in organic results. This confounded SEO people, as social media always increases user interaction, and link sharing.

This kind of phenomenon happening is indicative of how unpredictable the Internet is. Whether social media helps or not, we will never know. But one thing is for sure, SEO is more of an enigma more than ever.