SEO Services Company: How To Know When Your SEO Effort Is Dying

07 July 2015 | Online Marketing

One of the most difficult part of search engine optimisation is gauging how it is faring. SEO is a long-term process, and as such, the results can be qualitative on many aspects. Judging an SEO effort in as short as 6 months is short-sighted, then, and even after a year of efforts, results may not be as quantitative as you like it to be.

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An SEO services company opines that any SEO effort has its life cycle. From conception to its eventual dying, Internet marketing is a battleground where the baddest marketers and SEO persons combat every single day, down to every single minute of the day. Ranking a keyword, or keywords for that matter, is excessive, contemplative work. One day you are on top, the next you may not be even on Google’s radar.

In an SEO efforts’ life cycle, there are stages. These stages involve many processes, and like a blossoming flower, over time, it also wanes. Not all SEO efforts can be maintained forever, but the endgame, in which usually brand recognition in the online community translate on the real world.

But while an SEO campaign’s endgame s to increase awareness on a company’s brand, not all SEO efforts succeed in creating awareness. On the side of an entrepreneur, how can he assess that an external SEO campaign is not catching up as it’s supposed to be? Here are some telltale signs that your SEO campaign may be on the verge of dying:

Consistent decline or even stagnation in the past two months or so.

Organic visits are the most important factor in increasing visibility on both search engine and customers. Checking your progress every month is a healthy habit in making sure there is movement and progress. A steady decline in ranking in two months is indication that there is something wrong happening with your backlinks. A stagnation (not moving up, not moving down) is also indicative of a possible, looming failure in your strategies.

Organic traffic sharp decline.

When your organic traffic in one month turns incredibly low on another, it’s a sign that your SEO efforts may not be as healthy as you thought it is. What constitutes a sharp decline in organic traffic? At least 50%. Say, when you have 30,000 site visitors monthly and the next month the numbers border into a meager 12,000 – 15,000, you need to talk with your SEO company fast, especially when you are outsourcing them. A digital marketing company in Dubai says that taking care of your organic traffic is like taking care of the possible customers that you will have both online and offline.