SEO Dubai Tips: The Four Fonts You Wouldn’t Want To Use For Your Site

10 January 2015 | Online Marketing

Fonts are generated on an average basis – all because generating one is very much possible and attainable by just mastering a few programming tricks. And so, websites and people around it are able to get a hold of typefaces that are created for the purpose of presenting texts. General aesthetics matter in every aspect of website creation even if you are into SEO Dubai entrepreneurial endeavors or not.

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With the way things are heading in social media marketing Dubai, it’s imperative that you are able to present a website that is comprehensive, cutting – edge and competitive. And how will you be able to do it if the fonts you used on your website are not able to present your content well? You should always keep in mind that content gives meaning to the entirety of the website and for you to present content properly, you have to have a good font to represent your thoughts.

There are lots of good fonts for you to use out there but here are four that you shouldn’t dare to put for goodness’ sake of your website:


Such a font was designed and put together in Microsoft 1994 by Vincent Connare. He created it as a sans – serif casual font and for the purpose of making it look close to old school comic book characters. Knowing that simple fact, it is common sense that you would not dare to use this font for business presentation and promotional purposes.


You might be thinking about making it big by hiring known professionals of SEO services Dubai but when it comes to avid website presentation, you’re going to have to set aside “RAVIE” the font. Designed by Ken O’Brien in the year 1993, he aimed for the font to exude the properties of funkiness and intense energy. From looking at the typeface alone, you could see how he overdid it that it would be highly inappropriate for you to apply it on your website.


Such a font is a great ringer for the golden times in the cinema and in the theater. It could be possibly applied in some banner strategies but as a social media marketing company Dubai would bluntly put it, this font is better off in the live, actual streets than on the digital pages of the World Wide Web.


If there is such a thing that’s just too much of everything, the award goes to this font – ALGERIAN. It’s a heavy serif design that was last developed by Alan Meeks in the year 1988. No offense to the creator but such a font setting is just a cheap replica of the 19th century Keystone Foundry Glyphic. Professionals in digital marketing Dubai would label this font an abomination because it’s both too heavy and too intricate to use for digital rendering.