SEO Company Egypt: How to Determine a Clever SEO Campaign?

11 April 2015 | Online Marketing

The online battle of businesses is endless. If you’re one of the frustrated competitors, for sure, you’re already fed up with the constant changes of SEO strategies. “Why do SEO concepts keep on changing? Are the SEO experts not tired?”

The main reason of this “constant change” is to keep abreast with Google’s (or any search engines) mysterious algorithm. Since SEO strategies depend on the search engine’s algorithm, they also keep changing!

SEO isn’t a new method, but that doesn’t imply that every SEO campaign is effective or can lead your business towards success. The methods or approaches vary, depending from the latest algorithm. So, how can you assure that the campaign you’re currently using is effective or aligned with the latest search engine’s ranking guidelines?

Here are 3 factors:

1. Building TRUST and LOYALTY through Contents

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Content is still king, isn’t it? It is and it will be, as long as people can learn, be entertained and informed through reading. But what really make these readers stick on a website? Trust and Loyalty.

Readers are navigated into something informative, or entertaining, or something that can help them with their current problems. If they see your post as one of these, it becomes valuable or even priceless! Example: A frustrated man wants to learn some web designing secrets for his project or looking for the best IT company in Dubai. Eventually, he landed on your site that offers almost everything he wants to learn. This time, say “hi!” to your regular reader.

The content is the main reason why people keep revisiting a site. People want information and entertainment, or something that would inspire or motivate them, or could answer their questions in life. If your page is filled with these things, audience may develop loyalty and trust on your site.

2. Utilizing On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the continuous upgrade of the website’s code structure and contents. This is to keep the authority or the influence of the site. One of its goals is to make sure that everything on the page is hardwired with rules or concepts favoring the web crawlers. In other words, it’s optimizing your own website. What about Off-page?

Off-page optimization is the other way. The goals aren’t focused in optimizing the internal content of your website. The strategy is creating other websites – filled them with engaging articles, and then link them to your own site. This technique also includes submission of press releases and SEO-driven articles to other platforms. (SEO experts of IT solutions in Dubai are knowledgeable about these 2 optimization techniques.)

3. Taking Advantage of Social Media Influence

Almost everyone on the planet interacts using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It seems that social media channels keep attracting countless people every second of our time! Do you think it’s pointless? No.

As people swarmed on various social media sites, businessmen see this as a golden opportunity to market or promote their brand. This is the reason why most SEO crusades include social media networks in order to pull more people into visiting a website.

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