Online Marketing Services: Why You Need To Up The Ante Of Your SEO Services

13 July 2015 | Online Marketing

Search engine optimisation or SEO, a byproduct of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is only as effective as its reach. While the Internet provides for a bigger area of reach, that does not automatically mean that every promotional effort put forth by an SEO company for your organization reaches the whole world. It does not. SEO does not work that way. When we really get down to it, SEO only makes your presence known for certain keyword searches, both in local and in International scenes, depending on how effective the campaign is.

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Even then, online marketing services isn’t that all-encompassing. Packages for SEO and social media usually includes keyword ranking, Facebook postings and analysis, Twitter and Instagram updates, content sharing, content creation and so on. The typical package offer isn’t comprehensive, instead it is more specific. What companies need to know when deciding to hire a SEO company is that in order to build your brand’s online presence, it needs to be re-made, re-branded and re-advertised solely for the web.

For organizations that already have SEO working under the hood for them, it is easy to conclude that a bump or increase in sales or attention for the brand can only be experienced in as short as three to six months. After that, the steady stream of interest may fizzle and wane a bit. This is because ranking on Google and social media reach is fluctuating. This is normal – a sole company alone making an effort to be noticed from a barrage of other companies doing the same effort makes the industry overcrowded.

The average customer is bombarded with at least 50 to 200 Internet advertisements a day, and his attention is only good for 2-5 seconds. That’s the short amount of time a company is afforded to make a sales pitch. The Internet industry is different from traditional medias (TV, radio and newspaper) where selective and enforced advertisements are pushed and presented to the consumer for saturation. No, the Internet is different. It gives its users the ultimate power to shut down an advertisement when they want to.

This means that organisations, like say, a search engine optimisation company Dubai, needs to devise a way to increase traffic to your website through use of interesting human-centric stories, or sales offers that’s incredibly niche-specific. These offers can be routed on social media through syndication, which is a process of re-routing the traffic to your site from social media platforms. Social media is a powerful tool in spreading your content as well as making sure that your customer base is increasing every single day.