Online Marketing: How Do You Start Such a Complicated Process?

28 April 2015 | Online Marketing

Age-old, traditional marketing is a grueling process. That’s a fact. It’s a conglomeration of careful planning, launching, creating buzz, promotional efforts, damage control, etc. In itself, it’s a competitive industry to be in. You need to be ingenious to present an advertising moment in a sea of the most wicked marketers.

But how do you translate that on an online campaign?

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Online campaigning is no different from traditional marketing, albeit the factors are more diverse. There’s virtually no difference between online marketing Dubai and online marketing Philippines. The scope and audience is virtually the same. The mode of communication is the Internet, but it is divided into numerous subgroups. There is social media like Facebook and Twitter, video-platforms like Youtube, and simple banner ads on different sites.

But as it goes, Internet marketing is not as easy as you think it is. It maybe a simple process, but that simple process can become draggy all throughout. Not mentioning, you have to wait for feedback to create a bigger production.

Why Hire SEO?

Online marketing is search engine optimization. It’s the most organic form of Internet marketing, and hiring one will make you one step closer to your goal.

When you, say, hire SEO Dubai, your target don’t just mean locally. Local ranking is easy, depending on your community. It can also be hard to crack – but that’s on more SEO-centered areas.

What you need to do is set-up a local SEO campaign, coupled with an International one. It is important to cover these two bases, as they co-mingle with each other and feed off both energies.

Remember that SEO can take time to take off, 6-12 months at the least, so in the meantime, you need to bolster up campaign in other areas.

Social Media and Forums

This is where social media cues enters. Social media is one powerful tool in creating buzz and traffic for your website. Although it does not affect Google ranking, a presence in social media broadens your audience base – the reach of your campaign.

There are more than a billion users of the Internet, and at least only 10% of this population will be your captive audience. So capitalize where you can in order to spread the word. Harness the power of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites like Google+ and Instagram.

When you have a social media, it humanizes your brand. It makes it look like you’re hip, cool and approachable. It also gives you a peek of what people are saying about your products and services, what are their current problems, and how they want it to be solved.

Social media is a killer input machine in product creation, development and launching. To not have a social media campaign in your online marketing scheme almost cuts your reach by half.

Perfect your website’s design

After capturing your audience, you need to re-route them to your website. It’s the endpoint to using social media tools. Remember that, to capture your audience, especially when they’re coming from social media, you need your website to be modern, sleek and approachable.

Overhaul your website if you must – and do necessary actions and get recommendations from experts. Say, when you are living in Dubai – to hire web designer on that area is recommendable. Or you could do that online too.

The important thing is, you get the hook, line and sinker to your audience. A sale is never a sale, unless it is a sale. And planting the seeds of interest is a powerful tool in in making that happen.