Online Marketing Egypt and 3 Helpful Tips to Remember

03 March 2015 | Online Marketing

With the many companies expanding online in hopes of tapping into a wider, global audience, you may be wondering how some of them appear in search engine results, while others are all the way at the bottom of the pile.

The answer, if you don’t already know it, is search engine optimization, or SEO Company Egypt. This is a pretty broad term, though, referring to the combined use of various techniques, including social media marketing as well as keywords in content creation.

SEO for hire

In a way, it can be seen as online marketing Egypt, since some of the concepts of traditional marketing carry over to it – knowing your target market, for instance. Now, let’s say your own firm has a website that’s already up and running, but you don’t have a team prepared to optimize it for both users and search engines. So you’re looking for the right company to handle it for you.

How do you go about it?

1. Don’t just look at their website. A highly appealing website isn’t the only indication of how well an SEO company will do. You need to make sure they focus equally on both form and function – because what use is a website that looks good but won’t run smoothly? Also, think about how easy or difficult it was to find that particular site; that should give you another idea.

2. Size isn’t an issue. You’ll want to get rid of the mindset that the bigger the company offering SEO Company Egypt, the better. Depending on how many projects they’re working on, they might not be able to give your site the attention it needs. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should always go for smaller firms. Just remember not to discount either option.

3. Shop around – secretly. Usually, saying that you’re considering other options will make firms compete harder for your business. With SEO companies, it may just have the opposite effect – they’ll compete less. So don’t make it obvious that you’re looking into 3 or 4 different firms, and you can safely compare each one’s proposal, once you have them in hand.

You’ll want to know your goals, so you can mention them during consultation. The proposal you get soon after should include the services you’ll need, and the firm’s pricing for each one.

4. Look at experience. Whether you do this through case studies, references from previous clients, or through old-fashioned research (aided by the Web, of course), get the info you need to see the company’s ‘track record’, so to speak.

Also, just because the firm’s website ranks first in the search results, it doesn’t mean they’re the best. Most search engines will put more weight on a website that’s been around for a while.

5. Let them tell their stories. Have the representative tell you about previous clients, what they did for certain websites. Some companies don’t have the time to put together case studies for you to look through, but you can tell, from the way they communicate, whether or not they know what they’re talking about.