Leading SEO Company: Build A Stronger Foundation For Your SEO Campaign

09 July 2015 | Online Marketing

In order to make any SEO campaign robust, it needs to have a rock-solid foundation. Creating buzz on the Internet is never an easy feat, but there are still ways for a neophyte in the field to set-up a considerably strong foundation. Remember that when it comes to SEO, it’s not always about your content and the quality of your service, it’s also about making sure the brand is actively talked about in Internet circles.

leading seo company

To build an SEO campaign from the ground up, a leading SEO company recommends:

Make sure you have a Facebook account.

One of most popular yet best kept secret of any SEO campaign is that Facebook generates more traffic than what it is given credit for. Social media is a defining force in building your audience base, and Facebook in general is an incredible tool in advertising and making your content put front and centre.

Facebook is also good in directly advertising an event, a content you want viral or shared, and/or just generally connecting with your customer base.

Build your backlinks from the top 100 on that keyword searches.

When you do a keyword research, it is important that you take note of at least the top 100 websites that are ranking on that particular search. This way, when you link to your content, you can add them automatically.

The importance of linking on the first 100 is in order to rank slowly and build authority on your brand from the get go. The more link juice from authority sites you have, the more chances that you are going to be linked back.

Make sure to create quality, engaging content.

In order to produce engaging content, you need to make it comprehensive, approachable and readable. One of the most crucial parts in making an SEO campaign work is to create interest in your website. What can you offer your audience? Why should they be bookmarking your website? Why should they be subscribing to your email list? These questions will boil down to how your content is and how it will be perceived. That’s according to SEO Dubai.