How To Get Better Visibility In Facebook News Feed

15 October 2014 | Online Marketing

It’s a known thing that most Facebook feeds get hidden which makes a lot of companies unable to reach their audience. This is due to the algorithm imposed by Facebook on the manner of feeding updates to people. there had been a couple of changes that are advantageous for organic search which should excite you. Yet, you have to apply a few tactics so that you can realize this opportunity provided by Facebook.

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Many posts are only provided as links. There are several settings that you can choose such as:

Links with text and automatic preview – Facebook will provide an automatic preview of the link containing a headline and some descriptions that are derived from the URL. You will also be provided with an automatic image or include your own choice of photos. Depending on your preference, the link can be erased or retained in the post.

Pure link – You can delete the preview and retain the link. You can hit the “x” on the preview.

Photos with link in the caption – Most people like to utilize photos and place captions which contain links in it. This will also drive people to your target URL so you will have better traffic.

So, which is the best format to follow so that your Facebook posts will be effective? Facebook has announced their new set of rules called the algorithm that they will put more value to links with the link format. Photos with links in the caption are not given priority. Thus, it is better to post photos with updates but with no clickable link in the photo description.


• You should include a link preview when sharing links.

• Do not place clickables on photo descriptions.

• You are allowed to post your personal photos and use the link preview as well.


Facebook has observed that posts containing links only but with no sufficient information in headlines would only annoy users. This is called click-baiting and is not valued by Facebook at present with the current algorithm it is implementing.

Facebook evaluates the importance of click-bait links through measuring the time these users spend in the destination URL. As Facebook can follow every move of their users, it would be easy to distinguish if people read the website they were led to and simply leave them in an instant.

Not using click-baits can lessen your CTR (click-through rate) but will give you quality click-throughs. Those who click on your link are probably interested and did not arrive there because they were fooled to do so. Be ethical when posting links by providing an explanation and also link valuable content only.

Monitored Engagement Of Facebook Updates

When there’s an imbalance in engagement (likes, comments or shares for an update) versus clicks, then it’s being evaluated by Facebook as low quality link. If you post an update in your website, you can only allow comments that are based on Facebook and can be posted as a Facebook comment. This will give Facebook an idea that your content is highly valuable. Facebook then shows your content to a larger audience which will help your business.

This is how Facebook currently imposes its own rules. As we are free users of this platform, we have no other choice but follow the rules so that we can achieve better reach and engage with online users more.