An SEO Company’s Take On Google’s Panda Update 4.1

08 October 2014 | Online Marketing

People who are in the search ranking business had been warned of not taking too much assumption that the recent changes in search engine ranks was a result of the change in Google’s algorithm.

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What is Panda algorithm and why is it feared by spammers? The Panda algorithm gives penalties for sites with low quality content. This can be thin or un-original content that are of no value to readers. In the last 2 years, Panda has been rolling over the web and has been filtering low quality sites from seeking the top ranks because foremost, they don’t deserve the top position. This is definitely the most sensible thing to do in order to be fair to other websites who are doing good content and are following Google’s mindset.

How does Panda evaluate website? According to Google, their search algorithm is keen on creating a ratio from the inbound links as well as the reference queries of the website. They use this ratio to assess the value of each page and if not worthy, they drop the site and would not index it or penalize the website, resulting to a drop in rankings.

According to Google, there should be valuable content on every site and not just re-written content. If there are re-writes and thus, now considered an “original”, the content must also provide something of value to the web.

Here are a few hints about creating good content in the web:

Your information must be worth trusting. Many of the written content in the web are just re-hash of the existing information and they can just be found anywhere.

If you want to sound like an authority, you should provide good sources or be credible enough as an enthusiast of a certain topic. You don’t really have to be a pro or have earned a degree on whatever to be able to talk about a subject but be reliable in any information that is being shared online from your site.

Make sure that you have unity, coherence and the right spelling when writing your topics. Do not provide facts or claims that are primarily erroneous hoping that this will create a stir with online readers or visitors. This will be found out later and can hurt your ranking. Edit the article well and make sure that your presentation is fluid and not done in a sloppy manner.

Thus, it would not help to simply populate your sites and your marketing content with just any kind of content. In anything you do online for your business, always have quality in mind. The Google Panda 4.1 update is just one of many. If it hurt your ranking, then you have your lessons and your warning to improve on your optimization strategy. If the result is positive for you, then continue with what you are doing. Definitely, there will be more updates that will come but if you stay with quality all the time, you won’t have to fear any update unleashed by Google.

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