Content Should Be For Your Audience First Before Search Engines

14 December 2014 | Online Marketing

Do you know what an SEO company in Dubai can maximize their benefits of creating high quality content when provided on a consistent basis? Content is used to breed organic inbound links, and advances all your social media campaigns. It’s true, that content fuels an SEO campaign but it should not be just any content. It is vital to consider that content should be done for reasons that are not just self-serving.

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Let The Readers Consume Your Content

If you want to benefit from your content, you have to purpose it for the consumption of readers. That means you will reach out to the human audience who will be reading your posts simply because they are interested in what you are sharing to them. Cater to the requirements of humans before you consider the search engines. Although, do not also forget that you can insert the necessary keywords to the content to make it search engine friendly.

The use of keywords should be minimal and this should not hinder the understanding of your human readers. Some contents that have proliferated online are stuffed with keywords that people lose interest in reading them and so, no real value was provided to the audience. It is important to provide value for the readers since they are the decision makers or they can recommend your products to other people when they understand what you are trying to tell them in the articles or blogs that you provide.

Think Of Them Like Simple People

People know how to evaluate what is straightforward information. Content that is full of jargon or technical lingo will have a limited audience because this will annoy people or turn their interest off. When you think of the audience as people who need to be explained the topic in a simplistic and pleasant way, then they will form the idea that you are really concerned with them.

Be An Authority In Your Field

When writing your content, you have to appear like an authority. In addition, don’t be afraid to provide some secrets about your trade. This will be appreciated by your readers and you can form a trust relationship with them even if they don’t buy from you yet. Also, people who are ready to buy won’t pick you as a supplier if they cannot understand what you are trying to tell them. Remember, you should educate them first or someone else will take the opportunity to do it and you will lose that chance to create a bond with the readers.

Make It Free For All, No Strings Attached

Don’t gate your content. Make it accessible to whoever wants to read it. Gone are the days of forcing people to fill out a form to provide their contact details before giving them the content you promised. It doesn’t create an atmosphere of trust because readers will get the impression that they have to give their details first which is comparable to taking them hostage. Most often, they don’t furnish information but leave and never to come back again to your site.

If you follow these tips for creating good content from your SEO company in Dubai, you will meet many opportunities online and will never be in want for more business.