Best SEO Services: How To Get Quality SEO Campaign

03 July 2015 | Online Marketing

Any entrepreneur who started to dabble on the power of the Internet in order to promote their business undoubtedly have heard of SEO. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the Internet’s version of global and local advertising. It is a system of efforts that promotes a website in Google through building organic links to boost ranking.

Best SEO Services

The best SEO services, however, do not just promote a business. It also maintains the brand’s ranking in order for the company to always be present on the front page of search engines results page, in specific keyword searches. A great SEO also does not focus on one keyword only. Over time, it should organically build a set of related keywords relevant to the brand in order for the campaign to have a wider reach.

For companies out there seeking the best SEO services, how can you acquire a quality SEO campaign?

That question can be answered hundred times over, with answers ranging from a comprehensive thesis-like paper to short tidbits information accessible through the Net. However, getting a great, quality SEO campaign only usually involves two check boxes:

First, it should not involve black hat.

In the world of SEO services, there are three practices that sums up the strategies: white hat, black hat and a combination of both.

Black hat SEO is the kind of SEO that basically cheats Google’s algorithm in order for a website to rank. Characteristics of a black hat SEO is not always discernible through SEO packages, but beware on SEO offers that promises 1-2 months of results. More often than not, these operations involve black hat Internet marketing.

A combination of black hat and white hat is also potentially dangerous. Google search is constantly updating their algorithms to provide users the best experience. Even when you have a white hat SEO working under the hood, when links coming in are from black hat, the website can still be penalised.

Always ask about what strategy an SEO company uses when choosing your SEO package. If they explicitly say that they only do white hat SEO, then you’re good to go.

Second, the SEO service should not only rank your website, it should also maintain that ranking for a long time.

One of the biggest mistakes that company owners make when hiring SEO is they only hire the team for a definite length of time. Timeframe is usually 4-6 months, if not 1 year. On that one year, after the website is ranked and maintained, SEO teams are usually let go (since basically SEO services are outsourced). This practice is wrong. And potentially dangerous to the campaign.

SEO is not a disposable part of advertising and marketing. It should stay with the company as long as Google is active. And competitors too. A search engine optimisation company in Dubai says that to keep an SEO team on the payroll, you need to start looking at having an internal team within your company to do it, instead of constantly relying on an outsourced one.