App Downloads Will Double in Next Four Years

11 April 2014 | Online Marketing

The saying “there”s an app for that needs to be updated to the plural structure to precisely reflect today’s app commercial center. Notwithstanding there are numerous to think about, and rivalry to get the buyer’s attention is furious, as stated by another eMarketer report. Customers are destined to discover new apps by browsing the app store and will drive yearly app downloads to in any event twofold between 2013 and 2017.

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The Apple App Store is home to over a million apps, as is the Google Play Store. Each of them has additionally seen many billions of downloads. And lots and lots of businesses continues to develop for Android OS, iPhone and thousands of HTML5 compatible smartphones.

With those sort of numbers, it might be enticing to surmise that we’re totally soaked with apps. It might be enticing, yet it might additionally not be right. At any rate that is the thing that new information from web advertising examination master emarketer proposes.

Despite the fact that app download numbers vary even once a day, the organization says, the yearly aggregate is just prone to continue developing as cell phone and tablet utilization develops, particularly in developing business nations.

Amassing anticipated numbers from Portio Research and Juniper Research, eMarketer figures that the aggregate number of apps downloaded overall is situated to twofold from around 80-million in 2013 to 160-million or somewhere in the vicinity in 2017.

Interestingly, eMarketer likewise uncovered research that proposes app finding may not be as dead as some have guaranteed.

In March 2013 surveying, Inmobi found that simply over a large portion of (55%) of US cell phone clients regularly browsed the app store to discover new mobile apps. A little over a third in the interim build their downloads in light of the suggestions of family and companions.

Social media played a critical part in app discovery: approximately one in five respondents credited social sites like Facebook and Twitter for helping them find new apps. What’s more, Forrester Research found that between 14% and 16% of mobile phone users uncovered apps through web-based inquiries, and a somewhat bigger impart (15% to 19%) ran across apps through social networks.

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