A Little Finesse In Your Social Media Marketing Effort Goes A Long Way

14 May 2015 | Online Marketing

It’s pretty obvious that social media marketing Dubai has conquered the world of online business today. Everyone seems to be enjoying doing business on the World Wide Web using various social media platforms. And by the looks of it – online business is brisk, thanks to the invention of social media!

Worry not if you’re not so adept at technology. There are appropriate and reputable companies out there that provide services to help entrepreneurs and business operators as well who may be lacking Internet competence.

Leave the work to the experts like this social media marketing company Dubai. Just let us do your marketing campaigns and let the revenues roll, even as you sleep! Here’s what we can do for you – putting finesse to your marketing campaigns via social media marketing.

2 Surefire Ways To Enhance Your Marketing Efforts at Social Media

1. Know when your target audiences are available and where they most likely converge.

Social Media Marketing Tips

It pays to know when the best times are for posting and sharing, therefore you have to be accustomed to where your target audience is converging and at what times of the day. According to research, the probable best times for posting in various social media channels are as follows:

Facebook – between 1-4 PM

Twitter – between 1-3 PM

Instagram – between 5-6 PM

Tumblr – between 7-10 PM

Pinterest – between 8-11PM

Google+ – between 9-11 AM

We’re not saying of course, that the above are the exact best times since there’s no definite way of gauging, yet, such trend has been noted by experts. Further found out from research is that women tend to surf late on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, to get the most visits, post and share around this time.

2. Get your message across with the appropriate platform.

Presently, there are several social media platforms today and each has its distinct purpose, while at the same time capturing a particular audience. If you’re able to comprehend all these, it’s small wonder that your marketing efforts will go without glitches.

Take for instance promoting a law firm – surely this wouldn’t look good on Pinterest or Instagram. In addition, research also shows that attaching an image and picture in Twitter and Facebook is very much enjoyed by users. On another hand, followers on Google+ show passion for their favorite brands.

Experimenting with each of the different channels will tell you how your audience will respond. According to tests, women are more inclined to using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest while men – to Google+ and Twitter. By conducting a test with the various platforms, you’ll also determine the ways women and men use social media.

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“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.” Amy Jo Martin (American Author, CEO of Digital Royalty)