7 Social Media Trends That Are Shaping 2014

20 April 2014 | Online Marketing

2013 was a productive year as social media continued its “triumph” of the Internet domain. From the gigantic surge in popular features on Youtube to the presentation of Vine and the constantly developing fame of Instagram, Line and Whatsapp; the business’ veterans Facebook and Twitter are as of now staying on track, outstandingly with Twitter’s IPO last November.

You may consider how the sum of this will influence social media marketing not long from now. One quarter of advertisers plan to utilize social media marketing techniques within 2014, yet only 31 percent think their strategy is successful. Social publicizing will be embraced by significantly more brands in the not so distant future, while picture based social marketing will get to be progressively imperative. Brands will better coordinate social media into their whole plan of action – not simply Twitter and Facebook – and online will meet logged off for better client engagement.

This infographic from Media Mosaic looks at 7 social media trends that are shaping 2014.


social-trends-2014 (2)