5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From Using Twitter

23 April 2015 | Online Marketing

Of all the social media tools available in the World Wide Web these days for business purposes, Twitter has to be the one that’s mostly misunderstood and underestimated. When you wish to pursue your online marketing Egypt strategy to its completion, Twitter can be a useful tool in helping you achieve the prominence and traffic you have long been aiming for.

Here are the 5 ways you could uphold your online business with the use of Twitter:


Participation in a grand conversation. Twitter has this way of connecting you to the people who can be associated with your business. These could be your standing competitors, potential partners and of course, promising customers. Connection can easily be established with this media tool as if it is a virtual mixer.

With Twitter, you can monitor your possible competitors in the same way that they could do to you. You may refer to it as a healthy competition but at least both parties know what the other is up to. Getting direct contact with potential partners will open up more business horizons on your end. Lastly, getting in touch with potential customers will lead you to creating a community that is centralized on your business.

Expanding awareness. If used appropriately and accordingly, Twitter can assist you in inculcating your brand to people’s minds. Regardless of whichever industry you are representing, as long as you generate enough Tweets to conjure up and attract more audiences or in its own terminology – followers. Once you are able to capture their attention, you should be able to successfully implant your company’s identity to such onlookers.

Limited promotions and sales get easily spread out. With just a few selling words supplemented with a live link, you could easily send out to the world the latest thing that your company is offering. Let this be a promotional scheme or a seasonal special offer, Twitter has to be the cheapest, most gregarious tool out there to grant you this usage. Once you are able to hold it and establish yourself on it, your online endeavors will certainly reach its peak.

Engaging and interaction at its finest. By means of mention, you can easily strike up an exchange with your customers and other interested parties. If you find someone whom you feel you could be of service to, send out a personalized Tweet and let them know how you can be of service to them.

Easiest feedback available. Whether you’re waiting for them to comment on your website design Egypt or the perks in your website development Egypt, Twitter will provide the easiest means to send out people’s opinions of your business. You just really have to be watchful of the not so pleasant ones though. It can be difficult to put out a wild fire in the virtual setting.