5 Tips On How To Make Your Social Media Posts Interesting

05 October 2014 | Online Marketing

Do you want to get the attention of social media users when you post your updates? Indeed, all of us want that to happen. But it does not happen all the time. Sometimes, people are good at ignoring posts and just let information slide in their feed without checking these links out. That can be a waste of time and resources for those who are doing a campaign with a social media marketing company in Dubai.

social media marketing company in Dubai

Social network users can be converted into leads or customers with more than single click and most are not keen in doing this if they feel that it does not interest them that much. Thus, you have to be careful in posting your information to get people excited to discover what you have prepared for them.

So, here are some tips to get more clicks from your audience in social media.

Think About Quality

Yes, quality rules regardless if we mean business or not. You can drown your followers and social media friends with senseless updates and that’s a bad thing. Sooner, they are going to leave you if you do not share valuable content to them. Think how a post can be a quality sharing of information so that people will get excited with your posts. A top SEO company in Dubai has premium writers to provide you with quality content for your social media updates.

Include Images In Your Posts

Posting with pure text can be good but if you can boost that with high definition images with features of what a good photograph should be, then you are going to invite the attention of more people and they are going to check out your links time and again.

Limit Blatant Self-Promotion

If you understand that social sharing should always be about you, then you have mastered the art of social interaction and people will like you more for that. As a marketing company in Dubai, we know that it is not good to be always be pitching about how your product is better than others. Posting information that are not self-serving can benefit you in the long run and people will also respect you. In-the-face sales promotion is a huge turn-off for your audience.

Learn From The Metrics

You can measure the number of clicks per posts through your social media sites. This will give you better ideas on what topics to share so that people will get interested in clicking the link and interacting with you in social media. So, monitor every type of content you post and it will teach you what to do next to make the experience better for your audience.

Offer Perks

You can do contests by asking your audience to answer some questions or they can have a free eBook, or free 1 year license for an application you are selling. Although this is much used already, do not underestimate the power of freebies.

These are just a few tips to make your social media campaign rolling. For best results, try SEO in Dubai so that you can be found in the front pages of Google search in UAE.