5 Ordinary Hacks to Make Your Online Ads Stand Out Extraordinarily

31 March 2015 | Online Marketing

One would not easily come to the conclusion that a number of IT company Dubai firms would achieve such great feedbacks on the simplistic ads they come up with. See, the perfect ad exists to those artists who know how to bring out the simplicity and relevance of their subject’s message. Of course it sounds easy but once you start letting the wheels roll, things will eventually pan out to be complicated.

You shouldn’t really worry about it though because we got you all covered. You may stop looking up how to hire a web designer on your search engine now because the following information will lead you towards getting the most prolific kind of ads you could get a hold of. Try these ordinary hacks that will most probably bring you extraordinary results.

1. Promote a single message that is straightforward

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The thing about effective advertising is when you are able to catch the attention of the viewer long enough to imprint your product’s existence into their consciousness. Truth be told, you won’t be able to achieve that if your ad contains too much information. People don’t want to look at lengthy ads.

2. The power of 20 percent

Always keep in mind that ads are visual mediums. That is why it is very essential for you to create ads that only have about 20% text. Let the image aspect speak for itself. The text should only be supplementary as the image should be the main subject. However, that concept is bound for changes depending on your preference. Be that as it may, as you pursue your ad creation – stick to the primary purpose of your message and add texts to supplement it.

3. Minimalistic presentation of typography

Setting aside the typographic aspect of company logos, the supplementary texts that appear on ads should be presented with simple typography. Why? By serving their purpose as information support, they should be readable. You may hire a web designer who is very good at what he’s doing but if he overlooks this aspect, you might want to think twice about hiring him. Again, supplementary information on the product should be clear, concise and very much readable.

4. Be picky with the image you put up

Reiterating that ads are visual mediums, the images you choose to put up should bear the message you wish to convey. You can choose to be creative. You can even choose to be abstract. The kind of approach solely depends on your preference. You just have to make sure of one thing – your image should stand to be very significant to your product.

5. Dare to be different

They say that being different is not a good thing but such notion is not completely true. What’s actually more realistic is that being different means having to stand out from the rest who goes with the crowd. Wouldn’t you want to create an ad that’s just different from those that are already circulating the World Wide Web? Your answer to that should be yes because that’s how you gain prominence.

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