4 Ways to Properly Sell Your Idea to Your Client

08 April 2015 | Online Marketing

Not everybody gets to experience the kind of trustworthiness that immediately lands them their long term client. For most designers and virtual solutionists, they have to go through a process of bidding before they finally land that big deal that becomes their main source of income. It is such a strenuous and nerve-wracking experience but it must be done. Even a professional web designer Iran would go through this kind of process. That’s why it is what it is.

Check out these four (4) steps in how you would properly sell yourself and your idea to a client. Who knows, this could help you land your next big project.

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Meeting the basis of credibility, engagement and commitment

As you sell both your idea and yourself to a potential client, there are actually three things you have to be mindful of expressing – your credibility, your process of engagement and your commitment.

In expressing your credibility, your authenticity in seeing the project for its completion must outshine. You should be able to express that you deserve this project and that choosing you will not be a decision they are going to regret. In the process of engagement, you should know how to lay down your ideas in the proper order. Organize them and be sure to know when to land an emphasis on your context. Lastly in expressing your commitment, you should be able to highlight what they can expect from you in the duration of this project.

Let your personality shine

No, we do not mean for you to express your worst but it’s more on exemplifying your selling point as a person. Be authentic, be direct and be understanding. Do not bombard your client, learn to present things with accordance. Honesty will go a long way and when there is a need for you to raise a question, don’t hesitate. SEO Company Iran highlighted that they prefer pitchers who also know how to ask the right kinds of questions because it means these people are broadening their understanding and showing their commitment to the project.

The power of saying NO

Sometimes, a web design Iran client would challenge the mindset of the pitcher by figuratively asking him to do an extraneous task – beyond their pay. If this happens, identify it and learn how to say no. Stand by your belief, your principles and your credibility. It is a plus point if a client is able to see that you know your worth as a creative worker.

Conduct a thorough research on your client

It pays to express how well you know your craft and it also pays to know when you’ve adapted to your potential client’s mindset. Present your pitch that is both unique and familiar to them. Do not stick to just one aspect of presentation. Be spontaneous, be creative but also be critical. You should also be very knowledgeable about the kind of project you’re pitching yourself into, don’t charge without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.