4 SEO Strategy Alterations You Should Change for 2015

12 January 2015 | Online Marketing

Technology has one main medium and that is evolution. You cannot expect it to stand still because it is an every progressing facet in our world today. With the way technology has shaped virtual businesses these days, there’s one category that follows a similar code – SEO – Search Engine Optimization. On an average basis, updates are released and new trends are being discussed. Case in point, SEO’s journey for evolution goes on – the same way that technology does.

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Just last year, there were about 13 notable updates in Google’s algorithm and those are the only ones that were disseminated in the public. Of course, there are those that got updates, refreshes and changes in an average daily basis as well. Companies are now searching for other strategies that could work and among those who have cared enough to share; here are the four that we’ve managed to corroborate:

1. Dedicate it all towards mobile traffic

The high production and necessity of Smartphones have changed the needs of the world. These days, an average person would yearn for an advanced phone more than a desktop computer. As such is the case, ComScore’s prediction back in 2012, regarding mobile traffic surpassing the regularities than that of a desktop traffic by 2014, has come true.

Google has always offered intel that responsive websites are the most appealing ones that can be found in the World Wide Web. They’ve also included the recognition for mobile – friendly websites to become a worthy cause for upgrade for all online business seeking aficionados.

2. Set aside keyword rankings and focus more on ROI metrics

Out with the old and in with the new. Now’s the time for your company to get an seo for hire to reconstruct your strategy of relying on keyword ranking emphasis in order to determine the success of your promotional campaigns. Gone are the days when your profuseness is identified by keyword positioning. It is time to get down with the digits. Truthfully speaking, what SEO does now is to put you on the rankings with keywords that give you slight involvement to the demands of the market. What you actually need is to be involved. Discover the means that will let you know what your return on investment was.

3. Magnify your social – media attachments

Back when social media was introduced, it served as a great means to expand and share your content. It was very much understandable that you went on and signed up for all available platforms to increase your promotional reach.

There is more to social media than the mere content sharing these days. It is now a recognized marketing channel and a leeway for better, more diverse customer service. Social audiences are now expecting you to touch base with them in a more personal level. Focus on two to three platforms that you can use to their full extent by being active and by being utterly accommodating.

4. Earning links are all that matters now

Lots of updates have headed the virtual platforms but one thing stays constant amidst all these changes – inbound links and how it’s the most influential symbol of conviction and persuasion. This is one aspect you can expect not to change in the coming years just yet.

The time of turnover for the building of insignificant blogs and establishing huge – scaled links are over. What really counts now is how you are able to earn a single link that came from a credential, outstanding website that earned its value through SEO, referral traffics, leads, sales and brand exposure. Find effective ways to combine traditional PR and SEO to achieve success in 2015.