Google Announces Major Redesign For AdWords

31 March 2016 | Blog

Just very recently, Google announced a major redesign for AdWords platform to cope up with the growing trend of mobile friendly sites. The said update will continue to roll out for the next two years.


What are the expected changes?

The AdWords redesign will mainly focus on businesses that uses Adwords. Their main goal is creating a user-friendly platform through easier campaign management and easier to find data.


When will these changes be implemented?

According to the Google AdWord’s blog, by 2016 and 2017, they will continue to uphold this new AdWords experience. They will also pick advertisers to participate in the current update so it is expected that not all will experience the new update right away.


The article which was posted by Jerry Dischler, AdWord’s Vice President of Product Management, points out that they are looking forward into delivering the right tools needed by each consumers.

Internet users are very much excited to see the changes which will be implemented and how they can cope up with it.

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