Expect Another Google Update: Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal This May 2016

26 March 2016 | Blog

Who will ever forget the history Mobilegeddon has made last 2015? Since then, mobile-friendliness is being integrated as part of Google’s ranking signal.


It is expected that by May, another Google update will partake to initially welcome mobile-friendly ranking signal. The main objective of this update is to assess the needs of users and to achieve mobile-friendly relevant searches.

To say things clearly, when conducting a search using mobile devices, you will mostly see mobile friendly sites but there are still some sites which are not yet optimized for mobile devices. Starting May, fewer not optimized pages for mobile users will be searched.

For mobile-friendly sites, they will not be affected by the pending update. The company takes note that high quality content (though not optimized for mobile users) will still show up for searches done through mobile devices.

This year, expect dozens of updates by Google. Marketers are still expecting Penguin 4.0 this year partnered by multiple core updates. All of these changes targets spammy sites for better searching experience.