The Right Choice of Hosting and Domain

22 January 2014 | Domains and Hosting

Hosting and Domain are two concepts that identify a place of living for the website on the Internet. Hosting provides your website with the necessary space for keeping it on the Internet, whereas Domain represents the online address.

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You have designed and developed your website, it is sparkling and ready to work exactly as you are. But it is different from you now, it has no home and name, no documents and you do! Of course, Hosting and Domain become an urgent necessity in this case, because you don’t want your website to be homeless. Even if it just exists on your computer, nobody will see it except you. Then you need to find a place where your creation will calmly be settled.

First of all, it is significant to know that Hosting and Domain are rentable. You cannot buy it forever, you must always pay for it a particular amount of money. For example, the minimal order for Domain is one year and for Hosting is one month.

Let’s look in a more detailed way at the useful terms.

Hosting is like an apartment for your website, if you find the hosting-provider (online owner of the land), he/she offers you particular conditions (virtual or dedicated server, scripts and programming languages support, necessary space) and you decide if everything fits you ok and you are ready to live in this place.

After agreeing to purchase Hosting, you are getting ordered space on a hard disk, and this is your new apartment, congrats!:) The hard disk itself is a part of the server of the provider, all servers are kept in specially organized buildings, named data-centers. Here everything is organized in order to be always in touch with the internet (as water, gas and light in your own apartment). Therefore, your website is located on the net.

But it is not yet over. Hosting, an apartment for your website is here, but there is no address for it. Therefore you will need to find an appropriate name for it. The first level of Domain says in what country you live in or what activity you do. So it can be .ae that proves that your website has residency of UAE. And the second level is the main name of the Domain. It brings about the message of your Project. Look at our own Domain: (.ae – Domain Zone)

Other domains of third and other levels can also exist but they are not usually used for the main address.

How to choose Hosting for your website correctly so that your website feels comfortable in this new apartment?

The market is full of advertisements concerning hosting, Please, let’s look at it thoroughly so you won’t regret in the future. A lot of aspects need to be taken into account. Some hosting providers have many technical details that may be not fully understandable for a beginner. In this case you should know, if you need some functions or not.

In many cases advertisements contain online marketing strategies. Please, never be tempted by too attractive offers. You should understand what purpose your website is representing and therefore build the requirements for the hosting. It is like, there are 4 people in your family, so probably you will need 3-4 rooms apartment, right? The same here, if the website is just like a business card or a website with your hobbies and materials will not need big disk space and expensive hosting. You can spend your money only on registering Domain Name that can be joined with any hosting.

If you decide to choose a cheap or free hosting, be careful! You can even see advertisements on your own website in the future if you use cheap or free hosting.

If your website is commercial and brings you money in the future, never be greedy on buying good and profound hosting, as if you are buying a villa for your big family.

High Quality product is never free or cheap, as anything high quality in this world. Pay attention to it and don’t make mistakes.