SEO Tips: How Do You Increase Relevance On Google The Right Way

19 April 2015 | Domains and Hosting

Google is the search engine. No more, no less.

When companies, like SEO company Saudi Arabia wants to be seen, they need to be seen by Google. The thing is, no other search engine holds the title of the said search engine. No one. Indeed, Google isn’t only the present of web searching; it’s also becoming the search engine of the future.

The question is, how would you rank on Google? Here are some top tips from some of the top SEO for hire to do that the right way:

Create original, quality, interesting content.

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Every SEO expert in the world knows this: content is king. It’s the be-all and end-all of all things SEO campaigning. Start with an original, interesting and quality content. Google is big on how content is becoming the norm for more substantial, in-depth searches. That’s why churning out generic, run-of-the-mill and desolate content isn’t an effective strategy anymore. Ultimately, it can even hurt the campaign.

In order to create this kind of content, you need to have a pool of independent writers which can generate such articles. Proofread every article submitted and fact-check it. Google crawlers are sensitive to content which are re-purposed, refurbished and re-written.

A unique, possibly viral content, can generate buzz and traffic for your site. Traffic translates to more and more people knowing your site, and ultimately, the more people going in and out of your website, the more audience you generate.

Most of the time, a site only have one try in impressing a user. When the site can’t hold that user’s attention for at least 10 seconds, the opportunity is lost forever.

Here’s a safe net for content writing: 250 words or more, with at least two major sources. Google can’t crawl articles less than 250 words. Hyperlinking to a credible site or two, for that matter, helps in juicing out your link.

Create a site which is Google-friendly, audience-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

A website should be two things: intuitive enough for the audience to keep riveted, and search engine readable enough to keep its relevance and credibility on continued development.

Take it this way: your website should capture your audience the best way they want to be represented. Take cues from newly-minted web designs on the rise. Web design Saudi Arabia is one place you can get recommendations from.

In building or refurbishing your website, seamless design coupled with fluid navigations are two of the most important factors you should incorporate. Remember, the better-looking and more intuitive your website is, the better chances you have on capturing that audience.

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s not enough to have the best-looking website in town. Under the hood, you need to create a system which is easy for Google to understand.

Start from the basics: organize your folders categorically – making sure your root system is as clean and as organized as possible. Google should be able to read every page on every folder – then optimize accordingly.

Don’t hesitate to pull out the big guns in optimizing your website. Scan every nook and cranny, possible setbacks, duplicate content, and everything else under the sun. A cleaner, more functional and ultimately, more optimized website is better crawled and indexed by Google. And that’s the place you want to be.