Key Components That Make a Website Truly Customer-Friendly

12 May 2015 | Domains and Hosting

Many people often wrongly associate a “good” website with all those flashy ads, and colorful lines, or excessive photos and images. Well, in truth, a good website is one that’s easy to navigate, is filled with meaningful content, and is able to provide a seamless user experience.

A truly usable and customer-friendly website should set your business or organization apart from the rest of the competition. Here’s a look at a few of the key components that make a website truly user-friendly.

Full Mobile Compatibility

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According to social media marketing company Dubai veterans, as more and more people are logging on the Internet through their smart phones and mobile devices, the need to create a mobile-friendly or compatible website is now a must.

To check if your website is truly mobile compatible, you can try using Google’s mobile site tester, to determine if your site can easily be accessed on mobile. If it can’t, then you can create a mobile-friendly one with the help of web-based mobile website builders or developers.

Well-Presented Information

Another key component of a user-friendly website is a well-planned or arranged information architecture. According to web design Egypt professionals, how organized and visible the information is presented on your website is crucial for overall usability.

When creating a website, make sure that the sections an d categories are properly aligned or arranged, so that your visitors will easily find them. And when arranging the site’s information or content, always think from the perspective of your site visitors or users, because this will be very crucial, especially if you offer a lot of content on the site.

Quick Loading Times

Perhaps what annoys most website visitors is the very slow loading time. In fact, slow loading times are what making most visitors get so turned-off with a website. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that your website is able to load in just four to six seconds, so that your visitors (and potential customers) will be able to determine what you’re offering them.

Browser Consistency & Compatibility

Another factor that’s so important, but is easily overlooked by web developers, is browser consistency and compatibility. According to web designer Egypt professionals, you need to make sure that your website appears, and consistently behaves in all the major browsers, from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Easy To Navigate

And to make your website truly user-friendly, it should be very easy to navigate. Instead of using complex web design software or tools, it would be best to use simple HTML or JavaScript menus, to make your website appear consistent on all browser types.

And to make a website easy to navigate, it should be clutter-free and light on cognitive load. To achieve this, try limiting the number of menu items as much as possible, and remove drop-down menus or sub-navigation tools that often tend to work better on larger websites that have lots of pages and sections. These, and other elements, should help make it easy for visitors to find all the information they require on your website, and thus make it truly user-friendly.