5 Factors That Make a Website User-Friendly

31 May 2015 | Domains and Hosting

Some people usually consider a “great” website because of those glittering ads, and fancy lines, or maybe because of the barrage of images. Wrong. The truth is, a great site is the one that’s easy to navigate, and is swarmed with engaging content. Generally, it is a website that can provide a seamless user experience – user-friendly.

A customer-friendly website sets your company or brand apart from the rest of the competition. To attain this, here are 5 key components that make your website truly user-friendly.

1. Compatibility on Mobile Phones

According to a company of website development Qatar, more and more users are accessing on the Web through their mobile devices such as smartphones. This simply shows that the need to create a user-friendly or compatible site is now a MUST.

Website Design

To know if your site is compatible on mobile gadgets, try using Google’s mobile site tester. It has the ability to determine if your website can be accessed on mobile with ease. In the event it didn’t make it, this the time you need to make your site mobile-friendly. Ask help from web-based mobile website builders out there. Of course, choose the best one for you.

2. Information is Presented Efficiently

Another thing to remember is the well-organized information structure. According to the experts of a web design company Bahrain, an organized and visible presented information on a website are also crucial factors to achieve overall usability.

When building a site, be certain that category and section tabs are well-aligned and well-arranged. This will help your visitors easily find those pages. When it comes to organizing the site’s content, data, and information, always look the way your visitors perceive it. It’s paramount to think like the perspective of your site visitors because this will help you understand on how to make your content customer-friendly.

3. Compatibility and Consistency to all Browsers

Browser consistency and compatibility is a component usually overlooked by web developers. According to an expert from a company of website development Bahrain, a website should also appear and behave consistently in all browsers – be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or even Internet Explorer.

4. Easy To Navigate

This one is HUGE. To make your website truly customer-friendly, easy navigation is the key. Instead of utilizing complex web design tools, much better to use only simple HTML or JavaScript menus. Keep in mind, your site should be clutter-free – simply no distractions. To achieve this, limit the number of menu items as much as possible, and pull out those annoying drop-down menus or other sub-navigation tools!

5. Swift Loading Speed

Obviously, what annoys most people in visiting a website is the very slow loading speed. A website that loads slow is one of the reasons why visitors get so turned-off. You don’t want this to happen on your site, right?

Make sure that your site can load in just three to six seconds. This is a huge key in to make your visitors or potential customers not become bored or turned off.