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Why should you hire us instead of freelancers?

  • Quality control in both employees and outputs
  • Joint brilliant minds working together as a collective unit
  • Effective implementation of demands on your part
  • Outputs get scrutinized thoroughly to meet your expectations
  • Excellence handed in an online golden platter
  • Your staff can be monitored through a special account for assured higher productivity output

Why go for pay-per-hour instead of pay-per-project? The thing that makes freelancers standout from hiring company – based workers is their edge for heightened availability. Other than that, the services they offer is parallel to those who work under one name. However, what if you’re able to encounter a more prolific approach to handling your workloads? Ever heard of the “Hire – Per – Hour” services? This innovative form of service allows you to be in full control of your time. As you work, so do they. There’s no more risk of procrastination because such service enables you to be fully aware of every change that gets applied on a specific workload. Not only that, this kind of deal offers you the opportunity to emphasis what are the detailed things you wish to imply on your work. For that, you’re entitled to an effective working partnership with grand outcomes.

Service Type
Professional Web Design and Web Developer
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Conqueror Information Technologies
Hire our Professional Web Designer and Web Developer

Client Testimonial


Project: AEBICON Group Website

Getting a website that interprets the ideas/thoughts of a business owner has been made so easy by working with Conqueror IT.
From Information gathering to the project detailing with necessary procedures and processes, Conqueror IT ensures that the client is treated with care and guided through all the way from start to finish.
The consultation services that they offer (even upon the project completion) makes them stand out when compared to others and shows how serious Conqueror IT can be in terms of business continuity with its clients.
I already have and will always recommend the services of Conqueror IT to anyone who intends developing a website.

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The Student Economy

Project: The Student Economy Website

I highly recommend working with Conqueror for website building projects. I found their creativity and design experience to be outstanding, and they were able to advise me on all elements of the project from project scoping, to how to maintain content and build a user base. Most importantly I found that Kristina’s customer relationship management was excellent, and the designers were able to apply a sense of taste to make my website more attractive than I could have imagined. In addition, the project turned out to be more complex than was expected, but Conqueror completed the project to perfection and at the same quoted price. Thank you very much!

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