Web Development and Design: 5 Subtle Mistakes in Design to Avoid

19 January 2015 | Web Design Web Development

Imagine yourself browsing the Web for, say, vacation plans or guides, and clicking a link that looks promising. The next minute however, you’re viewing the site and the only thing you want to do is hit the ‘back’ button faster than you can blink.

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Maybe it was the many animations taking up most of the screen, or distracting swirls in the background, or something else entirely. Whatever it was, you wanted to leave the site as soon as possible, which should tell you that web development Bahrain particular site wasn’t very meticulous.

There are several reasons this could have happened, but that’s not the point. You may be running a company, not the one in charge of designing said company’s website. However, there are still things you need to know – specifically, what blunders to avoid when it comes to web design. That way, you’ll know better than to hire a web designer who makes more than one of them.

1. An intro you can’t skip. Today’s web users have a shorter attention span than they used to; they want to know, immediately, if your company can help them or not. So if you’re going to include a video or flash animation that they can’t opt out of, they’re not going to stick around to find out.

If you really want to include a video introducing your firm, it will be better off embedded in the “about us” page, not set to automatically play when someone first visits your site.

2. Fancy text. Save swirls and other embellishments for the header, not your main text. If users can’t read your content, they won’t be able to grasp the information. Thus, a conversion is less likely if you use graffiti-style font, or numerous swirls and curls.

3. Flash – everywhere. It’s no longer the early 2000’s, which is where all-flash websites belong. Using it was a really big deal back then, but not any more. In a time where it’s all going the way of HTML, you might be cutting off many potential users. Mobile users running on iOS, for instance, won’t be able to view your site if you used Flash for everything.

4. Not keeping mobile in mind. Speaking of mobile users, you’ll be affecting the number of visitors in a bad way if you don’t optimise for mobile. Maybe the navigation becomes all but intuitive on mobile platforms, or you have to scroll all the way to right to find the menu.

A web design company Bahrain or two might take the “build for mobile first” approach, while others might not. Just remember that there are as many mobile users as there are for desktops or laptops. For them to even think of using your services or products, they need to be able to view your site easily.

5. Inconsistency. Creativity is fine, but done excessively it becomes unbearable. Web designers usually don’t do it, but when each page within the website has a different design, the feeling of consistency is lost. Your visitors might think they’ve clicked over to a new website. Avoid this confusion and make the experience better by making sure the designer uses a single design all throughout.

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