Successful Campaign Ads That Became Viral Online

26 January 2016 | Video Marketing

In 60 seconds, a total of 100 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube, 4.7 billion new contents are shared on Facebook within 24 hours, 500 million tweets were made every day. With that huge number of competition online, achieving a wider audience is just too tough. So some companies tend to be more creative in creating campaigns for their product and services. Campaigns are either hilarious or heartbreaking, all aiming to trigger the consciousness of people.

It is the emotion that basically drives the people into sharing your content. A bright idea and masterful execution is all you need to achieve to break down the awareness of people towards your product. These phenomenal campaigns became viral hits. Examine each one of them:


Mexican grill, Chipotle campaigned for “Food With Integrity”. Its goal is to promote awareness of synthetic hormones, animal confinement, dangerous pesticides, and all the other artificial fixtures in the food production industry. “The Scarecrow” was produced through the help of Moonbot Studios, an Academy Award-winning design firm. There is also a free down

The short film gained a dashing 12 million views in YouTube just for two weeks. A free game is also featured at the end of the show. The game reportedly had 500,000 downloads just for six weeks.



“Real Beauty Sketches” Dove’s promotional campaign captured the hearts of people, gaining 114 million YouTube views for one month. The campaign aims to embark the idea of how women see themselves compared to how other view them. The viral campaign resulted to dozens of print features, online discussions, parody videos and broadcast news.


Evian babies first had their viral video last 2009 with their campaign “Roller Babies”. The video featured infants enjoying hardcore roller-skating activity. The video made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, tagged as the most watched online ad, gaining 25 million views in a span of two months. Evian continued their concept with “Baby & Me”, another video campaign that earned 100 million views for weeks. That doesn’t end with that, a mobile app was launched for iOS and Android. It enables you to “baby-fy” your photos.


“Do Us a Favor” is Lay’s campaign ad that encourages consumers in helping them create another flavor of the famous potato chip. In return, winners will be awarded $1 million or total net sales of the winning flavor. Their sales immediately boosted to 12 percent.


“Fireman Saves Kitten” became successful in multiple areas. They were able to produce both heart-wrenching and life changing video, then was able to effectively promote their product. The video gathered a total of 5 million views in its first week.


It is known that products like feminine-hygiene are hard to advertise. But the video “The Camp Gyno” changed that mindset. After it was uploaded, the video was tagged “Ad of the Day”. The video shows a girl who got her first monthly period while in the summer camp. She became the one distributing tampons for her co-campers. But the terror ended after the arrival of HelloFlo.

 Understanding the Proper Ways of Sharing Online

People share a piece of content online not just because of random chances. Once you get to understand the human behavior, you will most certainly predict their thoughts and behavior; what content they will share and not. It is more likely that a promotion containing characteristics and messages is preferred by people. Build a promotional video and see to it that the content has something to do with the brand. You can randomly make a funny or emotional video, it will help build up audience but make sure that the content has something to help the product uplift its name.