Changes in Social Media This 2016

07 January 2016 | Social Media


As they say, change is the only constant thing. Especially in the field of social networks, change is done to upgrade the working environment of netizens. This 2016, there are numerous changes which will be implemented to enhance each social media platform.

  1. Live Streaming Gets Bigger

twitter periscope

Live streaming is taking its big break, but it won’t just stop with that. Live streaming will become the mainstream starting with Twitter’s Periscope. This service allows you to share content instantly. It already has a total of 15 million users all across the globe. Conferences and interviews are just a few example of contents that you can view live.

  1. Virtual Reality Makes Its Very First Appearance

oculus_rift_consumer 2016

Last 2014, Oculus Rift was bought by Facebook for $2 billion. This virtual reality environment is considered to be the next engaging step for content. Famous personalities like Paul McCartney started to invite VR firm to shoot his concert. On the other hand, New York Times started embracing virtual reality content through the help of Google’s Cardboard viewer.

  1. Social Media Goes Private


Facebook and LinkedIn has started using private groups and there are already a bundle of people creating the same thing. We have to admit, messaging apps and private groups are just two places where almost all social activity happen. The first private conversation platform started with Snapchat. Since then messaging apps like Facebook Messanger, WatsApp and Line took place. All these innovation certainly leads to a more private social media platform.

  1. Brand Syndicate Content on Social Networks

number of followers

This year, brands focusing on the number of followers and likes in social media will slowly diminish. Over the years, brand owners get to understand the ultimate fact that no one can actually control the connections you get in any social media platform. It is the platform who controls the entire process. What you need to establish is your OWN audience using email subscribers.

  1. New Way Of Publication Option Will Get Accessible


Facebook just started it with their Instant Articles. Those publishers who wants to publish their articles in full length are allowed even without having any external source. As time goes by, social media platforms are becoming more competitive. Twitter is also starting to cope-up with this latest publication through their Project Lightning.

  1. Video Meetings Rise


Just like what’s indicated above, live streaming will be readily available this 2016 which just means that the number of work-related video conference will rise. Working together online will be very handy and convenient, of course. A video and audio software, preferably Zoom, will be in-demand. Something as easy as clicking a link then you’ll be redirected to your team for video meeting works like magic.

  1. The Rise of Buy Buttons

pinterest buy button

This coming 2016, purchasing a product you see online like sponsored advertisers in Facebook and Pinterest will become so easy. Just with a few clicks, you can have the product that you want, all because of the Buy Buttons which you will see in Facebook and Pinterest. Maybe Instagram will follow the trend and sooner or later, all social media platforms will have this handy ‘Buy Buttons’.

  1. Fewer Number of Small Platforms Will Arise

new social media platform

Because of the competition of three major social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), it is fairly impossible for new and smaller platform to rise up. If there might be any new platform, it will just die as quickly as they are were established.