The Common Teams that make up an Outsourcing Company

30 June 2015 | Online Marketing

An outsourcing company, specially one that offers SEO services, is typically composed of teams.

These teams usually have different functions, but they work together in sync for a united cause. One outsourcing company’s set-up on their teams may be different from another. There is really no standard set-up for an SEO outsourcing organization to follow. And that’s a good thing.

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In order to break down the basics, however, here are some popular departments comprising a typical SEO organisation

Writer’s Department

This department is the start of all the SEO effort in the company. Content is king with Google, and without writers churning out articles everyday, it would be impossible to rank keywords. The writer’s department may have a head writer or a supervisor, two or three proofreaders and the rest will be writers.

The SEO team

The SEO team has one of the most complicated set-up. A head of the SEO department is required in order to organise the tiers and levels of work to be done. Some of the most common SEO divisions are bloggers and posters, ranking people, forum profilers and etc.

In smaller organisations, all this work will be assigned to a single person, and that person needs to divide his or her time everyday in order to keep up. According to a 2D animation company in Dubai that hires their SEO locally, it is infinitely better to have an in-house dedicated SEO team in order for your Google ranking to be monitored regularly on the web.

The Web Development Team

The web development team usually is comprised with website designers, coders and graphics people. These people build websites, create design, and is generally in charge of how a client’s business is presented on the Internet.

Some outsourcing companies start their firms with only a single web development team and build it from there. You can actually start outsourcing clients with only a web design team, if it comes down to it.