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To keep up with a fast-paced world, your company needs to utilize the benefits of mobile app technology. Mobile-ready websites and mobile applications are a must-have. Customers enjoy interacting with businesses that offer them efficiency and convenience. Mobile apps also allow for contextual and location-specific marketing that increases brand exposure and reach. That’s why Conqueror IT offers quality mobile apps development in Dubai that aims to meet consumer needs, as well as the operational needs of businesses. As a website development company in Dubai, we create mobile-optimized websites and mobile applications to provide you the prime channels for connecting with your customers through their Android & iOS devices. We help you find more business opportunities by allowing mobile users to reach you wherever they are. Whatever you need for mobile app development in Dubai, feel free to express your needs with our experts – Hire Us!

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Mobile Application Development
Provider Name
Conqueror Information Technologies
Mobile Application Development Service in Dubai
Fever App

Fever App

Android Application
The application helps parents to understand if a child has fever or no and provides the recommendations about fever treatment.
Pediatric Quiz

Pediatric Quiz

iOS Application
Chosen as one of the "Best new medical apps..." by iMedicalApps.com This App has 540 questions that are designed for Pediatric residents, Family medicine residents, and medical students.The App contains multiple games. Each game include multiple questions and answers that ranges from easy to difficult.

Client Testimonial


Project: ISSARCH Website

Conqueror has been a very efficient partner, with patience and care they follow us up in each steps and changes till the end. I am happy with the design and the features and also their support has been excellent.

The Student Economy

Project: The Student Economy Website

I highly recommend working with Conqueror for website building projects. I found their creativity and design experience to be outstanding, and they were able to advise me on all elements of the project from project scoping, to how to maintain content and build a user base. Most importantly I found that Kristina’s customer relationship management was excellent, and the designers were able to apply a sense of taste to make my website more attractive than I could have imagined. In addition, the project turned out to be more complex than was expected, but Conqueror completed the project to perfection and at the same quoted price. Thank you very much!

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